Why wait to visit the Amazon when the world’s greatest rainforest is ready to welcome you now?

Jungle Experiences offers its tips on how to visit Peru in general — and the Peruvian Amazon in particular — while the pandemic is still ongoing.

Safe Destination

Before traveling, make sure you choose a safe destination. Consider the World Health Organization’s recommendations as well as the ones from the Health Ministry in Peru (MINSA). It’s crucial that you keep yourself well informed so that your trip is not only pleasant but also safe.

Going to a natural destination like the Peruvian Amazon is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, discovering new destinations and cultures with interesting traditions. It’s also worth mentioning that Covid infection risks are much lower in wilderness areas and wide open spaces.

Safe Transportation

Once you have chosen your destination, consider the means of transportation. If you’re traveling by air, take into account the requirements for a safe journey. At the airport and on the airplane, wear mask as well as a face shield or safety glasses. Meanwhile, electronic boarding passes

Streamline the check-in, boarding and immigration process and reduce contact with airport and airline staff (thus reducing the risk of infection).

Visiting Peru

If you’re thinking about coming to Peru, take note on the following country requirements:

  • Have a negative real-time RT-PCR (-) test result within less than 72 hours from the moment it was issued, a negative antigen test (-) or a medical certificate of epidemiological discharge, before boarding the airplane.
  • In the case of children (under 12 years old), a medical certificate of good health is required.
  • Present an Electronic Health Sworn Statement and a commitment to carry out the traveler’s isolation or quarantine, if needed.
  • As of March 1st, 2021, all passengers arriving in Peru, irrespective of nationality, have to quarantine for 14 days. When the quarantine is to be completed outside Lima, you must arrive there within 24 hours after arrival in Peru.

Please note that as of February 14th, 2021, commercial airlines are operating to and from Peru up to 8 hours flying time away.

Traveling with Jungle Experiences

On Jungle Experiences cruises in the Peruvian Amazon, you’ll be traveling safely at all times. All measures and necessary precautions are applied so that passengers feel safe both onboard and during outings or shore excursions.

With maximum capacity of 40 people on each boat, the cruises become a very personalized trip as you discover the wonders of the Peruvian Amazon. Note that thanks to the reduced capacity, the disinfection process is much quicker and monitoring easier, further reducing risks.

Moreover, flexible booking allows passengers to reserve and (if needed) later modify their travel dates without any additional fee.

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