Spa Retreats in the Peloponnese on your New Year’s Resolution list!

Still in a reset mindset right after New Year’s eve? Now it’s the ideal time to consider making a great gift to yourself or a loved one that will prepare you to face the new year with a more positive attitude and less stressed muscles. A deep, powerful massage with essential oils and other ingredients in a calm and soothing atmosphere can be an excellent way to de-stress after a busy year! Discover on the Peloponnese peninsula two of our favorite wellness resorts, find your zen and reconnect with your body, mind, and soul through a holistic approach.

Just a breath away from the  Mystras UNESCO World Heritage Site, once being the important Byzantine landmark near Sparta, lies the Euphoria Retreat Wellness Resort. It is the first destination spa in Greece, an unparalleled health and fitness retreat where the food, treatments, activities and facilities combine to create one of the world’s ultimate healthy holidays. Its healing philosophy aims to both energize and balance you. It offers a unique blend of treatments and experiences to achieve physical, mental and emotional transformation, using ancient Greek philosophy, as well as Chinese and Hippocratic medicine. Centered around the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth & metal), Euphoria Retreat will offer you personalized wellbeing Programmes. Your Euphoria experience will be completed through the “GAIA Restaurant” with a panoramic view of the valley and the citrus grove, where you can taste Mediterranean and Greek Cuisine.

Within a 2 hours drive from Mystras, near Pylos,  lies our second favorite spa wellness sanctuary in the Messinian Region, the Anazoe Spa. Nested in the Romanos Costa Navarino resort, it offers a full range of specialty spa treatments. It makes full use of the region’s exclusive natural and revitalizing ingredients, as well as an extensive range of luxury spa products from around the globe. Its name – Anazoe – derives from the Greek word for rejuvenation and encapsulates the underlying aim of the spa, which is a total revitalization of body and spirit in accordance with the ancient Greek maxim “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

At Anazoe, you will experience an award-winning combination of ancient wisdom and modern science. Spa treatments are based on progressive techniques that combine ancient Greek healing rituals and local resources with traditional European spa treatments and therapies. Costa Navarino is blessed with an abundance of beneficial herbs that are carefully selected and gathered for the Anazoe Spa products. In the Spa’s herb garden, you can choose those local herbs best suited to your own treatment. My favorite ones are the therapeutic olive-oil treatments, based on ancient local practices inscribed on clay tablets discovered at the nearby Palace of Nestor, that are unique in the world.

So, still thinking how to step away from your normal life and the best way to kick-off 2023? Pack your bags and discover your own personal journey of transformation at world-class spa retreats in the Peloponnese Region. Both healing and holistic – your ideal Greek spa getaways await.

Happy New Year!

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