A visit to Guyana is packed with adventure, nature and culture, all in equal and astounding measures. While the dense rainforest cover is always compared to that of the Amazon, and wildlife stalwarts are pegged against those of Africa’s grasslands, there are a few things that make Guyana stand out from the rest.

Kaieteur Falls from the Air
This magnificent curtain of water is one of the world’s largest waterfalls of the world, even beating Niagara Falls in height and volume when flowing at its strongest. But viewing platforms are only one way to get this glorious view. Before landing at the national park airstrip, most pilots circle around the gorge so everyone can get a good look and memorable photographs of this thundering sheet of water.

Guyana’s Unique Indigenous Villages
If you crave an unhurried but enriching life that’s very close to nature, there’s nothing better than spending time in Guyana’s indigenous villages. Dig into crusty cassava with curry, cook-up rice and pepper pot at mealtimes. Hang your hammock in a breezy benab (shelter) for an undisturbed sleep. While some villages are modernized, some are still hemmed in traditions. You can go hunting and fishing for your food and lend a hand in the fields.

Rodeo Life
The savannah grasslands of the South Rupununi is home to some of the world’s largest ranches and a cowboy lifestyle that continues to thrive. Over the years, casual rodeo has evolved into large events like the legendary Rupununi Rodeo and the lesser-known Saddle Creek Rodeo.

Caiman Night Safari
One might have set eyes on many crocodiles and alligators around the world, but the caimans have a special appeal for wildlife enthusiasts. Shy around humans, caimans are best spotted at night when their eyes can be seen blinking in the dark. Trained naturalists from different eco-lodges ensure that a boat safari in the waters is an exciting addition to your trip.

Abseiling in Mount Roraima
Roping down a vertical rock is never an easy feat. And when the height is a few thousand feet, the adrenalin rush is even greater. Roraima abseiling is organized by professional adventure outfits under the supervision of trained instructors. It’s definitely not for the fainthearted.

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