Where’s the best place on the planet to rent a vacation yacht these days?

Bloomberg Wealth reports that nearly 200 of the world’s largest pleasure craft have relocated to Greece this year as the Mediterranean nation becomes one of the first European nations to emerge from the pandemic lockdown.

By comparison, the Bahamas currently anchors less than 30 super yachts while Monaco — so often thought of as a paragon of the luxury yachting lifestyle — has less than 40 moored along its Riviera coast.

Basketball superstar Magic Johnson, Australian media mogul James Packer and several Hollywood music and TV stars are among those who have chartered yachts in Greece this year, Bloomberg reports.

According to SuperYachts Tracker, the sleek three-masted Maltese Falcon, the 278-foot Pacific, the 262-foot Grand Ocean and the 292-foot Phoenix 2 are among the vessels currently plying the Greek isles from Corfu to Santorini.

Of course, you don’t have to be a gazillionaire to float your way across the Aegean or the Adriatic. Whether you have the budget for a superyacht or just an ordinary sailboat, Athens-based PaxMore travel can match you with the perfect vessel.