Keeping fit in the bush

EcoTraining camp manager Emma Summers takes us through some of the activities that travelers can undertake to keep fit on safari including walking, yoga, gyms, volleyball and even skipping rope.


Walking is a great form of exercise. It can help improve your bone strength, reduce your overall body fat and increase your stamina. Bushwalks teach you more about the landscape and encourage you to see the world from a different perspective. And you might chance upon elephants, a rhino or lions on foot — a breathtaking experience not to be missed.


A wonderful meditative practice that originated in ancient India. Bring your own yoga mat or sleeping mat on safari, grab a mat from the camp gym or simply embrace mother earth. Yoga helps to build strength, increases flexibility and improves muscle tone. Yoga also reduces stress levels and brings about inner calm.

Ropes & Resistance Bands

What about bringing a skipping rope or resistance bands on safari? These items are inexpensive, lightweight and don’t take up much suitcase space — perfect for keeping fit on the go. Skipping can have the same aerobic benefits as running but has a lower impact on your joints. Resistance bands are simply latex rubber bands. The more you stretch them, the more intense the resistance becomes and the harder the workout becomes.

Keeping fit by walking

The Gym

Miss going to your neighborhood gym? Many African resorts and safari camps have indoor fitness centers. They might be small, but they’re a great addition to your vacation workout routine and a real way to get bush fit!


If the opportunity arises, head for your safari camp lawn or a nearby riverbed for a competitive or fun game with your fellow travelers. The combination of jumping, running and hitting will give you an amazing energetic cardio workout. Never played? Have no fear because it won’t take long to learn the basics.