In response to the global pandemic, Las Torres Patagonia is launching four new “Bubble Travel” experiences to make it much safer for travelers to explore the wonders of Torres del Paine National Park in southern Chile.

Created by the park’s Hotel Las Torres wilderness lodge and Fantástico Sur trekking outfitters, the bubbles feature private transfers to/from the park or your own self-drive car, meals in the privacy of your hotel room or tent, minimal social contact, private guides, and all of the protocols recommended for safe travel.

On top of all that is the fact that Patagonia in general and Torres del Paine in particular, are remote wilderness locations that welcomed only a handful of intrepid travelers before the pandemic.

The Bubble Travel adventures include:

Bubble Travel: Private All Inclusive

This new all-inclusive program offers maximum comfort and exclusivity on your adventure in Torres del Paine. The program includes private transport and excursions with exclusive guides.

In addition, it offers the option of having all meals served directly in your room, reducing social contact as much as possible and allowing you to relish Patagonia’s spectacular views in an intimate way.

Bubble Travel: Self Drive

This new all-inclusive program is ideal for guests seeking a 100% private experience, as it includes a rental vehicle to explore the national park at your own pace, independently. You also receive personal recommendations and a digital guide with the best routes through the park, so that you can design and enjoy a unique tailor-made adventure.

The program offers the option of having breakfast and dinner served directly in your hotel room, reducing social contact to a minimum, ideal for those seeking a more isolated stay.

Bubble Travel: “W” Circuit Private

Hike the trails of the park’s legendary “W” Circuit in the most exclusive and private way possible. This four-day/three-night program includes private transport. After a wonderful day of trekking, you can enjoy a tasty meal from the comfort of your own tent with incredible views of Torres del Paine.

Bubble Travel: “W” Circuit Self Drive

With the new “W” Circuit Self Drive program, you can drive to most of the trailheads of this famous trail in the privacy of your rented car and enjoy trekking in Torres del Paine across four days and three nights with maximum privacy and autonomy.

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