There is an entire hidden world to discover and you wouldn’t even know about it unless you recognized the signs. This is what animal tracking is about… being able to gather a vast amount of information about mammals, birds, and reptiles without having ever seen them.

EcoTraining is proud to launch a new online offering: Tracking Enthusiast

This course is scheduled to start on the 24th of August 2021 and it promises to take you on a new journey of discovery. For four weeks we will take you on a virtual learning adventure with live lectures from expert instructors which will include;

  • In-depth coverage of animal tracking modules
  • Live Q&A with the lecturer and other participants

Live lectures will range between one hour and two hours, with a live Q & A session after each session.

At its essence, tracking is the knowledge and skills required to recognize, interpret and follow animal signs. It represents some of the most complex forms of proficiency in the world of wildlife. Tracking skills enable one to know what animals are doing without having to actually see them. To enter their secret lives.

Every animal leaves some indication of its presence or passing whereby it can be recognized. Entering into this hidden world of nature, trackers and students are taught how to ‘reconstruct’ the scene and understand what could have, would have, and should have happened. Tracking can be learned by anyone. And we can make it your obsession!

If we’ve piqued your interest, then put your nose to the ground and follow the signs to the EcoTraining website.


Upcoming course dates:

  • 24 August – 23 September 2021