When JW Marriott set out to create their first-ever African safari camp, they chose the legendary Masai Mara with its annual Great Migration and year-round wildlife residents.

But they also chose one of the best places in the Mara region to locate a lodge — along the Talek River on the northern edge of Masai Mara National Reserve. A place within a short drive of many of the park’s geographical landmarks and wildlife hangouts.

The new luxury safari camp lies within relatively short drive of the Burrungat Plain, Possee Plain, Meta Plain and other grasslands that feed more than two million wildebeest and zebra when the Great Migration passes through Mara in August and September each year.

The Talek River flows west into the Mara River and its legendary wildlife crossing, where the migrating herds must swim a gauntlet of hungry crocodiles. Year round, the Mara River is also renowned for its hippo pools and copious birdlife, as well as a chance to spot leopards, monkeys, giraffe, elephant, waterbucks and many other creatures among the riverside vegetation.

Lookout Hill with its sweeping views across the Mara plains is also within easy striking distance of the new JW Marriott, as is the jumping off spot for hot-air balloon trips across the park.

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