Adventure Consults offers insider advice about traveling in the two East African nations.

Genuinely Friendly People

Ugandans and Rwandese are very friendly and hospitable. They enjoy making travelers feel welcome and sharing personal stories. This is more than just politeness, but an essential part of life. People will always offer to help — even if you don’t need it! And when you ask for directions, they will often offer to walk you there.

Cultural Diversity

Traveling through Uganda and Rwanda unveils their diverse culture and customs. Uganda alone has over 56 tribes. Rwanda isn’t as ethnically diverse, but the Rwandese culture is incredibly rich.

As you will travel through different regions and meet people with different languages, clothing and foods, they will surely inspire you to be more social, adaptable and flexible. You might even learn a few Ugandan or Rwandan ways of doing things.

Adventurous Destinations

If you’re the adventurous type, Uganda or Rwanda are your ultimate East African destinations. Both countries offer numerous exciting activities, from rafting, kayaking and bungee jumping on the River Nile, to gorilla and chimp trekking, walking safaris, hot-air ballooning and climbing in the Ruwenzori Mountains. Discover some of the options that Adventure Consults offers at this link: Uganda Safaris.

Information Sources

Guidebooks and Google can be helpful. But don’t let them be your only source of information on Rwanda and Uganda. In some cases, the information isn’t very accurate or out of date. So, give your local guides an opportunity to fill in the blanks and expand your knowledge.


Adventure Consults has partnered with the local schools, orphanages and hospitals near national parks, places that guests can visit during their free time between game drives, or gorilla and chimp tracking. Quite often, visitors want to make a contribution toward improving local lives.

Check out a list of donation ideas or get in touch for more detailed advice.

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