Read all About It: Artic Shipwreck “Frozen in Time”

September 30, 2019 - 1 minute read

CNN recently showcased some of the first photos and video of the rediscovered HMS Terror, a British ship that sank in the Canadian Arctic in 1845 during an expedition to find the Northwest Passage — as well as the focus for the award-winning historical television drama The Terror.

Quotable quote: “Photos and video footage were gathered using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), in what [Parks Canada] describes as ‘one of the largest, most complex underwater archaeological undertakings in Canadian history.’ Researchers used the ROV to explore 20 cabins and compartments on the ship, the first time the interior of HMS Terror had been systematically explored.”

Adventure Canada visits the spot where HMS Terror sank — Beechey Island National Historic Site — during its annual summertime Northwest Passage cruises.

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