Read All About It: The Wrong Way to Visit Iceland

April 20, 2019 - 1 minute read

See the tourist hordes along the Western Loop? Neither do we. Photographer: Brandon Presser

Bloomberg News ran a travel story advising readers to ignore everything Instagram shows you about Iceland and venture instead to the hidden places few travelers have ever seen on the North Atlantic island.

Quotable quote: “Four years ago, Instagram had 800,000 photos with the Iceland hashtag,’ says Gunnar Gunnarsson, a professional photographer who focuses on Iceland’s frigid landscapes. ‘Today that number is over 12 million.’

“He says it’s the result of . . . freebie-seeking influencers creating an arbitrary (and sometimes destructive) echo chamber of ‘Insta-famous’ and must-visit’ sites. All this overlooks Iceland’s delightfully quirky culture. The people you meet here can be just as memorable as those ethereal fjords.”

Read the rest of Brandon Presser’s story here

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