The Four Seasons of Cruce Andino

January 31, 2019 - 1 minute read

If you’re wondering what to expect weather-wise when crossing the Andes Lake District between Chile and Argentina with Cruce Andino, consider the fact that the region boasts four distinct seasons and radically different weather depending on the time of year.

The following weather guide will help you plan and pack accordingly:


21 December to 20 March

Average temperature reaches 85ºF

  • Hot, sunny days, with fresh evenings, the odd shower and wind
  • Sunrise and sunset: 6:40 am/9:20 pm
  • Light clothing that will protect you from the wind. It’s a good idea to pack a pair of trainers/sneakers and a jacket for the evenings.


21 March to 20 June

  • Temperature fluctuates between 40ºF and 55ºF
  • Cool, fresh days, with cold evenings and regular rainfall
  • Sunrise and sunset: 8 am/7:30 pm.
  • Waterproof clothing, jacket, sporting footwear.


21 June to 20 September

Temperature fluctuates between 20ºF and 40ºF

  • The days are cold with snowy precipitation
  • Sunrise and sunset: 8:30 am/6:40 pm
  • Bring a winter coat, jacket and warm, sporting footwear.


21 September to 20 December

  • Temperature ranges between 45ºF and 70ºF
  • Days are longer, with gradual elevation of temperature
  • Sunrise and sunset: 7:15am/7:30 pm
  • Comfortable and practical clothes. A coat and sports shoes to wear at night are recommended.

General recommendations:

  • Always carry sunblock, sunglasses, sun protection for lips
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing
  • Pack waterproof and windproof clothing
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