The Green Wave: Adventure Canada — Eco-Friendly Onboard and Beyond

August 28, 2019 - 3 minutes read

Adventure Canada’s goal is to help every traveler become an enthusiastic ambassador for the regions, wildlife, landscapes and cultures they visit on their journeys of discovery.

With cruises throughout the Canadian Arctic — as well as the Maritimes, British Columbia, Greenland, Iceland, the British Isles and Central America — the company strongly believes that  travel enriches people’s lives and that getting to know the world is one of the best ways of becoming a better global citizen.

One way to get that message across to every traveler is practicing what you preach. Which is why Adventure Canada is committed to the following goals:

Sincerity and Service

Everyone working at Adventure Canada believes in making the world a better place. The company offers a unique opportunity to experience the deep satisfaction that comes with helping travelers have the time of their lives. they also have the special role of advocates and ambassadors for the people, wildlife, and environment in the places we visit.

The Transformative Power of Nature

Sailing the wide expanse of the north Atlantic Ocean, or Zodiacking into the Greenlandic fjords. Watching belugas cruise the glacier face on Devon Island in Nunavut, or glimpsing a moose at Gros Morne in Newfoundland. From the Costa Rican rainforest to the high cliffs of Ireland to the volcanoes of Iceland, connecting with nature humbles us, enlarges our hearts, and makes us more fully human.

Cultural and Environmental Integrity

Adventure Canada believes that healthy cultures and a healthy environment go hand in hand. They also know that preserving cultural and environmental integrity is a lifetime commitment. From educating travelers, to training youth, to investing in communities, they make that commitment year-round.

Concern for Conservation

Everyone depends on a healthy, thriving natural world. For Adventure Canada, that cause is even more obviously crucial: the business depends on showing travelers the most beautiful and pristine spaces. With that in mind, onboard programming is dedicated to informing and engaging all passengers. Adventure Canada is also a leader in establishing “best practices” for the expedition cruise industry — especially when it comes to leaving the smallest possible footprint wherever their ships venture — while always seeking to make their contribution to global conservation a positive one.

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