Colombia’s Caño Cristales is often called the “liquid rainbow” or “river of the five colors” (yellow, blue, green, red and black), and is considered by many as the most beautiful river in the world because of its crystal-clear water, unusual marine plants and beautiful rock formations.

Located in the Serranía de la Macarena mountains on the edge of the Colombian Amazon, the river owes its colors to a plant called Macarenia Clavijera that settles on rock surfaces along the riverbed. The colors only arise between the end of June and late November.

Although the fast-flowing river doesn’t support any fish life, there’s plenty of fauna in the surrounding jungle — more than 400 bird species, 40 kinds of reptiles, 10 different amphibians and eight monkey species.

Colombian Journeys can arrange a flight from Bogotá, Medellín and Villavicencio to remote La Macarena town near the Caño Cristales every day except Tuesdays.

Ph. credits: VarnaK – Colombia.Travel

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