What in the World is a Refugio?

August 10, 2017 - 1 minute read

For anyone who’s hiked in the Spanish-speaking world, refugio is a familiar term, a place you come across on trails both short and long.

There isn’t an exact English equivalent. The literal translation is “refuge” — as in mountain refuge. Which could be anything from a wooden or stone shack to a fancy Alpine hotel.

The best way to describe the refugios of Torres del Paine is “mountain camp” — a place where you can stay overnight on multi-day hikes. Nothing fancy, yet nothing basic either.

Fantástico Sur  has just produced a short video about Refugio Torres Central that shows exactly what trekkers can expect at the first “mountain camp” along the legendary W Circuit.

Sixty people can sleep at Torres Central in 10 shared, mixed gender rooms with central heating. Sheets and bed-cover are provided by Fantástico Sur . Bathrooms and shower facilities are also shared.

Additional facilities  that include a lounge, restaurant and bar are available at adjacent Hotel Las Torres.