Greece is a destination that can satisfy a wide range of travelers due to its diverse offerings throughout the year. We have gathered together our favorite ones that you can choose with a little help from Pax More; unless you prefer to ask the Oracle of Delphi. In any case, please choose wisely ????


Greece is surrounded by crystal-clear waters and stunning beaches, making it a popular destination for beach lovers. The country has a variety of beaches, ranging from secluded coves to lively resorts. Set sail to a one-day cruise to Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa Peninsula on the west side of Chania, Crete. Enjoy a memorable day exploring three amazing beaches in one day; swim, snorkel or just relax on the beach.

History & Archaeology Buffs

Greece has a rich history and culture that is well-known around the world. It is home to numerous ancient ruins, museums, and landmarks that attract travelers from around the globe. Set sail for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to explore the uninhabited islets of Delos, a UNESCO world heritage site, and Rineia on a cruise that is an archaeology buff’s dream, just a short boat ride from Mykonos.


Greek cuisine is famous worldwide. Its delicious traditional dishes need no introduction. Stroll around local markets, taste traditional delicacies, and savor the country’s unique culinary offerings. Take part in a unique alfresco dining experience on the hills of verdant Spetses and visit the organic Bostani farm where you will hand-pick premium vegetables and herbs for your own meal. Immerse yourselves in the culinary traditions of Greece in a unique outdoor setting and prepare your own dinner, under the Greek sun and the watchful eye of an Executive Chef.


Visit emblematic Santorini, the Greek Wine Island– with more than 18 wineries and 50 indigenous varieties- and go for a unique wine tour. Explore three of the island’s most important wineries and discover its unique volcanic terroir. Tour the cellars of each winery and follow the production process from wine harvest to maturing. Taste some of the exquisite indigenous white grape varietals but also some red ones.

Cruise lovers

Are you ready for a memorable island-hopping just a stone’s throw from Athens? Embark on a luxurious cruise and visit three fabulous islands of the Saronic Gulf, Hydra, Poros, and Aegina. Enjoy a day filled with golden moments and find out why they are so popular among Athenians! Enjoy a scenic sail along the Attica’s coast, providing great views of the city and its landmarks such as the Acropolis and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Throughout the cruise, taste delicious local food and drinks, Soak up the sun, take in the stunning views and experience the beauty of the Saronic islands.

Sustainability Seekers

On Naxos Island visit a local farm, have a guided tour, and come closer to nature. After milking the animals, roll up your sleeves and make traditional cheese with the help and instructions of the farmer. Taste traditional cheese with a glass of wine from the farm’s own vineyard. Then, visit a traditional pottery workshop where you can enjoy a live demonstration of the pottery art. Have a private pottery class of 45 min to create a ceramic to take with you. You will then officially be a true Naxian!

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