Is Guatemala anywhere near the top of your travel bucket list? Because if it’s not, it certainly should be. And Travel Pioneers can design a personalized itinerary that hits all of the highlights.

Central America’s largest country has much to offer: Mayan heritage and colonial cities, diverse nature and active volcanoes, majestic rivers and impressive lakes.

One of the highlights is Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage city nestled between the active volcanoes and lush vegetation of central Guatemala. In addition to colonial architecture, cobblestoned streets, horse carriages, and enchanting gardens, the city lies near Lake Atitlan and villages inhabited by descendants of the ancient Mayans.

On market days, Chichcastenango bustles with Mayans in their traditional clothing, buying or selling their goods, mainly colorful handicrafts. Meanwhile, traditional Mayan ceremonies take place in the town’s old colonial church.

Engulfed by rainforest in northern Guatemala, Tikal is one of the most impressive Mayan sites in all of Central America, as well as one of the few World Heritage properties inscribed for both natural and cultural criteria because of its extraordinary biodiversity and archaeological importance.

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