Travel & Leisure magazine just named Chile’s Easter Island as one of the “Top 5 Island Destinations” of Latin America. So isn’t it high time that you discovered the place where South America meets the South Pacific?

Chile Concept offers a four-day/three-night exploration of a fabled island also called Rapa Nui by the local Polynesian inhabitants and Isla de Pascua in Spanish. The adventure includes visits to the world-famous Moai — monumental stone heads fashioned by ancient islanders — as well as temples, ceremonial sites and petroglyphs as well the summit of Rano Kau volcano, one-time base of the Birdman Cult.

And you certainly don’t have to rough it. Chile Concept can also book a room or suite at one of the island’s best hotels — Hanga Roa Eco Village resort hotel overlooking the waterfront in Hanga Roa village or the superb Explora Rapa Nui adventure lodge in the countryside.

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