Why Costa Rica? Incredible Nature & Wildlife

March 4, 2020 - 1 minute read

Costa Rican nature is renowned for an amazing array of species and habitats. Indeed, the numbers are impressive. But they hardly describe the breathtaking beauty of rainforests that cradle such incredible biodiversity.

Despite its relative small size (compared to say, Brazil), Costa Rica harbors tropical rainforests, low humid forests, cloud forests, highland oak forests, swamps, mangroves, tropical dry forests, more than a hundred volcanoes, as well as fabulous black, white and gray sand beaches.

Dwelling within these habitats are myriad mammals, reptiles, water creatures and exotic birds — many of them easy to find. For instance, it’s not uncommon to see sloths and monkeys from the road!

Visitors can also observe this astonishing nature from hiking trails, hanging bridges, observation towers, floating gondolas and ziplines.

Costa Rica’s marine area is about 10 times larger than its land area. Its offshore waters are home to about 25 kinds of dolphins and whales, numerous ray and shark species, hundreds of varieties of tropical fish, mollusks and coral.

From serious diving for those with PADI certificates to casual snorkelers or those who just want to observe from a comfortable catamaran, Costa Rica’s Pacific and Caribbean waters are the ideal places to collect memories of this mysterious underwater realm.

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