La Coralina Island House

Located in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago along Panama’s Caribbean coast, La Coralina Island House overlooks a turquoise bay and golden-sand beach along the west side of Isla Colón. A throwback to the idyllic island escapes of days gone by, the boutique resort offers spectacular views, relaxed seclusion, and a balance of indoor/outdoor living with private villas and suites, magical gardens, world-class meals, and a holistic wellness spa.

La Coralina Island House was conceived as the ultimate in outdoor living and sustainable architecture. With its vivid yellows, glowing reds, cool blues and lush greens, the resort’s Tropical Asian design blends wood, textiles and earthenware into a harmonious whole that features breezy verandas, outdoor pavilions, fountains and a refreshing pool.

The eight detached villas and 23 rooms in the big house feature uniquely designed bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas that open onto lush tropical gardens. Elegant blends of architecture and nature, the rooms exude a fundamental belief that living close to nature is the greatest luxury. Overnight spaces range from a Standard Double Queen with garden view to a two-story Grand Villa with bay and beach view that includes living and dining areas, full bar, two bathrooms, walk-in closet, private terraces and jacuzzi.

One of the hallmarks of La Coralina is superb objects d’art and hand-crafted fabrics and furnishings from Southeast Asia — silks, batiks, terracotta tiles and lacquerware from

Thailand and Indonesia, stone sculptures from Bali, and antique furniture from Java. Immersed in this atmosphere, guests have an invitation to experience happiness, idling, dreaming, exploring, encountering, conversing, sharing and healing. 

A group of seven islands and roughly 200 islets and cays off western Panama, Bocas del Toro is renowned for the powdery beaches, swaying palm trees, and swashbuckling piracy legacy that epitomize many Caribbean islands, but with far fewer people. The town of Bocas del Toro, hub of the archipelago, is a one-hour flight from Panama City or a 90-minute flight from San José in Costa Rica.

Home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Panama’s first National Marine Park, Bocas del Toro has become one of Panama’s most visited eco-tourism destinations. Considered the

Galapagos of the Caribbean, the archipelago is also one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth. 

Welcome to La Coralina Island House