Read All About It: Images from the Unexplored World

July 16, 2019 - 1 minute read

Love Exploring (UK) recently ran a photo essay on some of the world’s wildest places. Greenland (Iceland ProCruises), Canada’s Northwest Passage and Labrador (Adventure Canada), South Georgia and St Helena islands (Oceanwide Expeditions), and the Amazon Rainforest (Jungle Experiences) are among the “unexplored” destinations that feature in this stunning photo story.

Quotable quote: “Humans have explored vast amounts of this Earth. With technological advancement we have charted the oceans, scaled mountains and seen the world from the skies. But there are vast areas most of the human race will never visit, expanses of wilderness so remote that only a few have been and only a few will endeavor to reach.”

Catch the rest of these incredible images here.

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