Read All About It: Pink Dolphins and Deadly Piranhas

October 21, 2018 - Less than a minute read

National Geographic Traveller (India) offers a story on the secret world of the Peruvian Amazon — as experienced aboard a Jungle Experiences riverboat journey into Pacaya-Samiria National Preserve.

Quotable quote: “For hours, we enter the high-definition, Avatar-meets-Jurassic Park kind of rainforest that keeps the strangest creatures for company. The bird, red-capped manakin, called the Michael Jackson of the Amazon, moonwalks on a branch to woo the ladies. The wattled jacana or the ‘Jesus bird’ walks on water . . . Our senses can detect just 20 per cent of the sounds and movements here.”

Read the rest of the story by Kareena Gianani right here


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