The bays, islands and estuaries of Sierra Leone’s Atlantic coast offer a wide array of water activities, from scuba and snorkeling to sea kayaking and deep-sea fishing.

Explore – Surfing & Diving

Sierra Leone is celebrated for its world-class waves, particularly from March to October each year, thus attracting keen surfers from far and wide. The water is almost always warm and welcoming and there are plenty of popular surf spots to choose from. South Atlantic diving is one of the most sought-after water activities in Sierra Leone.

Explore – Deep Sea Fishing

With a steady supply of shrimp, crab, lobster, tuna and mackerel, fishing is an important part of Sierra Leone’s economy. One of the most exciting and authentic experiences for visitors is trying their luck with local fishermen on a day trip into the deep sea.

Fishing enthusiasts should set their sight on Bonthe Holiday Village, a quaint fishing camp with an emphasis on catching the tarpon that breed in the estuaries of the Kittam and Sherbro rivers, as well as barracuda, giant mackerel, and grouper.

Explore – Kayaking & Boating

With so many beautiful bodies of water to explore, boating and kayaking are among the most popular tourist activities in Sierra Leone. The Freetown Peninsula is a favorite spot for self-guided kayaking, particularly at Bureh Beach and River No. 2. Travelers who prefer something more organized can board blissful sunset cruises along sparkling Freetown Bay.

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