The great news for wildlife fans is that there are plenty of podcasts available for them to choose from. However, with so many options, it can be difficult to distinguish the well-researched and entertaining nature podcasts from the rest. To narrow down your search, here are eight of the best podcasts you should follow if you’re interested in learning more about wildlife and nature.

  1. BBC Earth

The BBC Earth podcast is every bit as high quality as you would expect from a BBC production. Instead of watching wildlife, this podcast immerses you in the experience of nature through your auditory senses.

  1. On the Wing

Bird hunters should give On the Wing a listen. The podcast features stories from Pheasants Forever, a nonprofit dedicated to the responsible hunting of pheasants and quail.

  1. Safari Stories

Created by Trunks & Tracks co-founders Jomi Krobb and Hadley Pierce, Safari Stories features their best stories from working as safari guides. Anyone with a fascination for Africa’s incredible wildlife and who hopes to visit the African bush someday should tune into this podcast.

  1. The Wild with Chris Morgan

Host Chris Morgan is a British ecologist and conservationist who focuses chiefly on the conservation of the Ursidae family of mammals (otherwise known as bears) in the Pacific Northwest.

  1. Wild Animals

In each episode of this excellent podcast, a wildlife expert discusses a specific animal and its wild behavior. Recent episodes have featured Josephine, a determined sea turtle, and Diane, a shark who likes to jump out of water.

  1. Off Track

One of the best things about the Off Track podcast is the fact that episodes are recorded entirely in the Australian Outback. Host Ann Jones enthusiastically shares stories about wildlife and nature in Down Under.

  1. My Life, Wildlife

Produced by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Alaska Region, My Life, Wildlife revolves around an interview with a scientist, conversationist, or adventurer committed to the wellbeing of wildlife and their habitats in Alaska.

  1. The War on Wildlife

This brief, 12-episode podcast talks about the constant assault on wildlife in this modern world. Hosts Charlie Moore and Ruth Peacey interview researchers, activists, and other experts.